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Coaching with Cassidy


Whether you are in a new relationship, a long-term relationship, or currently single and ready to invite new love into your life, relationship coaching can help you unlock new levels of connection, intimacy and love.

The foundation of a great partnership is your relationship with yourself. My coaching focuses on helping you access a deeper connection with yourself, and open to the love that you have within you. I will help you become aware of the unconscious patterns that effect how you relate to yourself and your partner, and to unravel the ones that are getting you stuck.

You'll learn tools and processes to turn conflicts into moments of growth, so that no matter what comes up in your relationship, you have the confidence that you will be stronger because of it.

You'll become more present and embodied, and to bring these qualities to the bedroom to cultivate deep intimacy and mind-blowing pleasure.

Most importantly, you'll get to know yourself, and experience your own power more fully.

I am here to support you in your journey of becoming the most fully alive, expressed, and thriving version of yourselves individually and as a couple, so that you can give the world all you've got!

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"Every episode is filled with valuable and tangible information that we can start using right away.

I also appreciate the occasional journal prompts to get us thinking of our own relationships rather than just being a podcast of information. It helps to apply what is being said to myself and my partner. 🙌

Looking forward to the next one!"

- Alliebee11

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